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Our family has been in the masonry trade for over a hundred years. In 1903, Tessie Raimondo started the first Raimondo masonry company and built the foundation for our family owned and operated company today. Arthur Raimondo, Tessie’s son established Raimondo Restoration, Inc. in 1963 with his sons Nicholas, Thomas, and Robert Raimondo. That’s three generations of the Raimondo family specializing and perfecting their craft as skilled exterior masonry restoration and preservation contractors. Tyler Raimondo, Robert’s son (and fourth generation) plans to continue the family legacy. He is already diligently working and learning from his father, uncles, and grandfather.

Utilizing the lessons of previous generations, our company strives to keep pace with the cutting edge methods and tools of today and the future. With our years of experience, hard work, and dedication, Raimondo is a name you can trust for meeting your masonry restoration and preservation needs. Our reputation for excellence and quality workmanship throughout our service area is earned through our commitment to customer satisfaction and the lasting results of our work.

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